Low-cost, high-reliability IP connectivity for business critical networks across USA, Mexico and Central America

Raleigh, NC, Paris, 6 December 2016 – Microspace Communications, a pioneer in innovative broadband solutions for established and emerging enterprise applications, has selected the SmartLNB service platform of Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) to implement its new two-way satellite service called VELOCITY DataBridge. VELOCITY DataBridge is a next-generation satellite service that sets a new standard for cost, performance, and convenience. Through inexpensive hardware and low monthly operational costs, it is ideally suited for customers seeking machine to machine (M2M), SCADA, and IoT solutions in sectors including oil & gas, digital signage, security, and corporate networks.

The VELOCITY DataBridge service uses 76 cm satellite antennas and an integrated IP modem/router to offer connectivity no matter when or where it is needed. Using capacity on the powerful EUTELSAT 117 West A satellite, the service offers strong performance in the continental USA, Mexico and Central America. This extensive geographic reach is coupled with Eutelsat’s SmartLNB platform that provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for low bitrate applications for M2M and connecting services.

Joe Amor, Vice President & General Manager, Microspace Communications, said: “In addition to its market disruptive pricing, network management and monitoring are key features of the service. Microspace’s fully redundant, advanced monitoring and control provides a true enterprise level service with 24/7 visibility of every site within the network.”

Patricio Northland, CEO of Eutelsat Americas, said: “This agreement showcases the versatility and performance of the SmartLNB for M2M applications. We are delighted to take our relationship with Microspace into new areas and look forward to setting valued milestones in satellite-driven IoT solutions.”

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